Have you ever seen this video….henry talk about his mother…and her voice
someone give me the link for downloading hope springs…pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeeeee
imagen….if all those fiction story about “strummer” turns in a screenplay for a movie….!!!!!!

it would be the best romantic movie ever seen……

audrey meryl me

audrey meryl me


I need to see Hope Springs, in my country maybe it will never be in the cinema….please i need a link when i can see this movie online…….

My reaction to things:


When people insult Meryl:

When someone I hate talks to me:

When I prove someone wrong:

When someone compliments Meryl:

When I see something I don’t like:

When I see really good food:

When Mamma Mia! songs come on:

When I’m trying to explain something:

When my mom is talking to me: